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Commercial Energy Solution is one of the significant investment for a business. With electricity rates becoming increasingly volatile, it is more important than ever to find stable, cost effective alternatives. Solaren will help companies gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site. Grid connected solar electric solutions can help you achieve your energy goals, make efficient use of rooftops, land and parking structures, and enable you to save on electricity costs now and into the future. We combine the highest efficiency solar panel technology with proven solar system design and installation capability to enable customers to maximize the return on their investment, positively impact their bottom line and demonstrate environmental leadership.

With R.A 9513, the cost of installation over a period of time will help you generate a healthy return on your investment over the lifetime of the installation. Installing a solar PV system is a good choice both environmentally and financially.

Great Savings

Once your business switches to solar power, your electricity costs will decrease.

Increase Property Value

A solar energy system is an opportunity for your business to invest in its own future and will generate a positive return on investment, quickly. You are not just installing solar panels, you are installing a secure investment vehicle with a superior return on capital.

Give Back... To the Grid

In the event that your solar energy system generates more power than your business consumes, the excess power will be sold to the utility company, and you will receive a credit for the power on your monthly utility bill, which will save your organization even more money.

Green Identity

Companies with a “green” reputation are held in high regard by their customers, as it demonstrates your business’s commitment to creating a cleaner community.

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