solar panels for home

Solar Panels for Home

Photovoltaic systems results in greater independence from rising electricity costs. Benefit from a sustainable energy supply with solar power and demonstrate the highest field reliability of any solar inverter, with back-up warranties. Safe solar systems eliminate risks associated with high voltage wiring.

Solaren helps customers make a responsible choice on solar panels for home, simple and affordable, with information and support.We provide the opportunity to go solar in your home without frustration.

Great Savings

solar-electricity-savingsDepending on the size of the solar system you choose to install, you can save an average of 50% of your electric bill, or even eliminate it all together.

Increase Home Value

solar-home-valueStudies show that homes with solar panel systems have property values 3-4% above similar homes in the same area. They also sell twice as fast as the competition

Decrease your carbon footprint

solar-less-carbon-footprintSolar reduces your carbon footprint as well. Carbon dioxide has been proven to cause global warming, which is wreaking havoc on our Earth—causing glaciers to melt, shorelines to erode and animals to be endangered.

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