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Summer Panels

The summer heat is coming to town! Resorts and beaches will soon be full. Sun-kissed skin will be flaunted in the streets as an evidence of the sun’s magnificent rays. But you know what’s better? It’s your sun-kissed panels! Thanks to the long hours of daylight, your panels will gain much weight.

The months of January and February are still cooler in the Philippines. The coming of March will mark the transition where the weather will be warmer than before. The days will be longer and there will be enough sun rays to make your days brighter. This means that your panels will give you larger amount of energy. BBC news says that during summer, your panels can give you 25% more of their rated outputs.

It seems fitting that the electric grid’s produced energy will be surplus due to the larger amount of sunlight, thus, the inhabitants as well as the whole community will benefit from it! More energy created from the panels means more energy transmitted back to the electricity provider. The energy your produce can be then, distributed to other households and businesses.

BBC news has displayed these superb solar benefits in Scotland. It was not just because of the use of solar panels but of “learning” how it really works.” Everyone learned how the system works by following the construction company as they built it. There was not one person on the island who could be described as an electrical engineer, says Booth, a biochemist by training. I just did my homework. Sometimes if a decision had to be made, I’d stay up all night working on it.”

Taking advantage may bring excellent results. That is, if you truly know what you are actually doing and knowing the benefits of such acts. The sun won’t mind if you’ll take more from him! He would love to make you enjoy the little scorches!


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